Thursday, December 6, 2007

FTC Teams

In February of 2007, FTC Canada (Feed The Children) traveled to the country of Honduras with Canadian doctors, nurses, paramedics, a pharmacist, and other support personnel, to conduct medical clinics for children and families in desperate need of health care. These traveling medical clinics and pharmacies gave much needed primary care and medication to 1752 people living in the poorest areas of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

An Eye For Brenda

While in Honduras, FTC Canada’s medical team identified 10 year old Brenda as a child in need of more complex medical intervention through FTC’s new initiative, the Child-In-Crisis Medical Fund.

Brenda’s Story…

The line was long in the Honduran sun as 10 year old Brenda waited with her mother to see the visiting Canadian doctors. On that day, her mother’s presence and the dark glasses perched on her little nose protected her from the stares and jeers of the other children – but tomorrow it would begin again. She trembled as she stepped into the makeshift clinic, walking slowly toward the plastic chair, in front of a kind looking man with the brightest eyes she had ever seen.

Dr. Mario gently patted her arm and gave her a small gift for her hair. She was clearly embarrassed to reveal what hid behind dark glasses, but for an instant, she was more conscious of the doctor’s kindness than of her loss. Behind those glasses, one brown eye sparkled but a patch of skin was all that remained of her left eye – removed when she was six months old due to a cancer called retinoblastoma.

Her mother said that she had accepted a life with limited vision, but she could not get used to the stares and fingers pointed in her direction. It was hard to hide behind dark glasses all of the time, and her mother worried about Brenda’s future as did Dr. Mario and the rest of the visiting medical team – this little girl deserved another brown eye to match the one that still managed to sparkle behind those dark glasses.

A Little Girl’s Dream Comes True

After months of preparation to get a prosthetic eye for Brenda, Ken Dick, President of FTC Canada, went to Guatemala City to witness the procedure that would change Brenda’s world. He said, “Brenda is a very happy little girl in spite of her loss, and it is a real privilege for FTC Canada to intervene in her life to insure that she has a more secure future.”

On the big day, all Brenda could say was, “Gracias, gracias, I am so happy to get a
new eye.” Her father said, “Words cannot express the gratitude to Feed The Children that will always be in my heart for the food that my family receives every week at the feeding centre, and now for Brenda’s eye.”

FTC Canada continues to accumulate Child-In-Crisis funds to help other children like Brenda. Teams and field offices around the world, are working to identify children with critical medical needs that require immediate intervention. FTC’s next Canadian medical team will be traveling to Guatemala for one week in February 2008.

When caring people partner with FTC Canada, they are choosing to change a child’s life forever, and for that, everyone says – Gracias! For more information visit

The Medical/Dental Team for Guatemala

This is the new blog that will track the activity of the FTC Canada Medical and Dental team leaving to Guatemala in February of 2008.

There will be many updates and pictures both before during and after so keep checking back to see how things are developing.