Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camp is over for another year

Mish Adventures 2009 came to a close on Thursday, July 30th with a community BBQ in the 10 Houses part of the reserve. Thanks to Diana and Robbie Bottle, we ended camp with a celebration of a meal with our good friends. It was wonderful to have Chief Connie join us along with many of the kids from 10 Houses that we spent time with for 3 weeks.

We learned a lot this year “flexibility” was the biggest lesson. Weather, school bus troubles and sickness caused us to learn to be ready for anything and to find a way to run the program with the kids regardless of the circumstances. We also learned, that as much as you can plan with a certain result in mind, things can change so much that if you just "go with the flow", the result can be so much better than you expected.

We will miss our friends in Mish - the greatest reward this summer – deeper friendships! Our lives have been changed because of the friendships developed with campers, parents and others in Mish. We are so thankful we had this opportunity.

Thanks to a great staff team – you are a ‘Dream Team’! Thanks to those behind the scenes who gave generously in so many ways. You made this a summer where lives were changed and seeds of hope were planted.

"Broken Walls" come to MISHKEEGOGAMANG

“Broken Walls” arrived with a big truckload of equipment ready to be introduced to our friends in Mish. We welcomed them with a community BBQ and introduced them to everyone present.

Jonathan Maracle and Bill Pagaran led seminars at the Peg Youth Conference from July 20-23rd. Kris Delorenzi, another member of the group, joined them as they performed twice for the community. It was wonderful to have Barry, Luane and Joelle Greene also join us for the three days. Their regalia and dance was a magnificent example of the beauty of the native culture that is missing in so many communities.

The most exciting part for us occurred when the concert ended and members of the community joined the boys on the pow wow drum for a time of drumming and singing. It was wonderful to sit and listen to their hearts as they expressed joy to their Creator.

Sky Hedricks from Eagles Cry in Thunder Bay also joined the team. It was very moving to hear the story of his life’s journey. It was inspiring to the whole Mish camp staff team to watch Sky make the kids feel special.