Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Please join us in Burlington, ON on April 9th as we celebrate together at the 3rd Annual FTC Canada Blue & White Gala.

This is an opportunity for you to join with others in the life saving work of feeding children.

This year's event will feature live entertainment and a silent auction.  Click HERE to order your tickets now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The new school
Nature's Sunshine Canada has partnered with FTC Canada and the people of Haiti to build a new school building at the Mission of Hope (MOH).

As noted by our partner in Haiti:
Quality education is vital in our effort to improve the economic structure of Haiti. The School of Hope has approximately 2,500 students enrolled per school year in Kindergarten through High School. 

Garry Ford opens the school
Nature's Sunshine fully funded the new 2 room school building which was completed in the Fall of 2010.  FTC Canada Manager, Procurement & Logistics, Gary Richard joined Garry Ford, Nature's Sunshine Products Manager and Brian Dyck in October 2010 on a site visit to see the completed project.

The goal of providing the next generation of Haitians with skills that will create self-sufficient and productive students is one that resonates with all the people involved in this essential partnership.

Garry Ford with Brian Dyck
FTC Canada would like to thank Nature's Sunshine Products Canada for their commitment to the communities in Haiti and their desire to bring about long-term change in the lives of the students at MOH.

Garry Ford, Principal Souffrant Jean Romain and Gary Richard

Friday, February 11, 2011


In partnership with Mission of Hope Haiti, FTC Canada is looking forward to a plan that brings renewed hope to families in Haiti.

The homes that we have raised funds to build, and continue to raise funds for are going to give Haitian families a safe roof over their heads. There's an additional dose of dignity in receiving a plot of land, a fruit bearing tree and a shade tree, gardening space and a separate sanitary washroom facility. 

Over time we hope to raise up a new community. Four homes were already up as of January 25, 2011.

When the earthquake struck in January 2010, it struck hard.  Some people lost family, others lost limbs, so many lost their homes.  The hope they hang on to now, is that the Mission of Hope and FTC Canada will help them start again.

With your support we can.  Please give generously - CLICK HERE.
Homes for Haiti

Friday, February 4, 2011


In November 2010, FTC Canada took a Medical Team to Guatemala.  The team provided medical and dental care to over 4000 people at 5 different locations just outside the capital Guatemala City.

The team went to a village just below the base of a recently active volcano.  They also went into a region that had been impacted by heavy rain and flooding.  The people the team saw were in desperate need of primary medical care.  Many were seeing a dentist for the first time in their lives.  For most this was a chance to get medications and treatment for ailments that really need more constant attention.  They were extremely grateful for this return visit.

The video/slide show below shows the team in action.  We set up in schools generally, transforming classrooms into clinics.  Doctors take two rooms, the dental team takes one room, pharmacy, distribution and for this trip, eyeglasses set up in their own rooms as well.  You will see all of this in the presentation below.

Thank you for your support.  Another team is preparing to head back into El Salvador for the third time in March (2011).  We will definitely see some of the same families again which is going to be a tremendous experience for everyone.  Please show your support CLICK HERE.