Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life In Guatemala: Getting Adjusted

Today, the Medical Team - all the people from Canada - joined forces with the FTC Guatemala Team on a hill overlooking Antigua, Guatemala.  This was the point where we really came together to form one team.

Our first adjustment in Guatemala was to Guatemala City and the slightly chilly air.  I suppose that is not really a grand thing for the Canadians to deal with! 

The next adjustment was to the culture and settling in to a new schedule.  Today began with essential jobs performed by the smaller teams, doctors, dentist, pharmacy and distribution.

Vitamins and other pills needed to be sorted into smaller packages, an entire shipping container of clothing, shoes, and other supplies needed to be unboxed and made ready for each day in the field.

Doctors met to review plans and dentists made last minute adjustments to equipment to ensure everything was in working order.

With a great head start we adjourned for Antigua for a quick visit to the old capital city and then off to a coffee plantation for a final team get together.

The blog entries this week will feature the activities of the groups I've just mentioned and I'll tell you about some of the children and families we are helping with essential primary care. 

It can not be emphasized enough that this type of care, be it medical or dental, can not be afforded by the people we see. We also know that families will often go months, even years without ever seeing to the basic health concerns they experience.  This can lead to much bigger problems.

I will also be spending more focused time on 2 team members.  They will be the subjects of a mini-documentary so I will be interacting with them daily and bringing their story to life on the screen (not the "big" screen, but the screen nontheless).

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and thank you for your support; it is helping the people of Guatemala in very tangible ways.

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