Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Las Trojes: Day One For The Medical Team

Las Trojes is a community just outside the city of Amaltitlan.  It is a beautiful area up in the hill country and the location for Day One of the Medical Team Clinics.

The Dental Team was on site for an hour before the rest of the team. For the first time, our generator decided to be difficult, creating some logistical issues; however, despite the set back the dental team would go on to see 148 patients, a tremendous accomplishment! While extractions were common, restorations were the real joy for the  team. This is the opportunity to restore a tooth rather than simply pull it out

Distribution hit the ground running as the prep for each day had been done the night before.  Sorting of so many great things like underwear, boots and shoes and assorted clothing.  Soccer shirts donated by a Guelph, Ontario soccer association were a huge hit as were the soccer socks! 

As I spent most of my time with the doctors, following the activities of two in particular, I have to note one thing:  It is as if they had been working in this setting, doing this type of primary care for months as a team.  Once the patients began arriving there was only a brief respite for them and their translators to grab lunch.

The phrase, "love is a verb", is one we as a team have  embraced. It is not simply about processing as many people as possible with no thought to person or circumstance. It has been amazing to see the team listen and care for those who came asking for our help.  It's not about us, as we were reminded when we set off in the morning.  It's about the people of Guatemala.

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