Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Internet In Guatemala

We have had two days in a row with very limited internet access in the place we are staying. As a result, anyone relying on that for communications has had to wait for that "Wi-Fi window" to open. Cell phone users strictly dedicated to Wi-Fi have suffered the same fate.

Cell phone users in Canada likely know that they pay more for that luxury than anywhere else on the planet. In Guatemala, a cell phone and a phone plan are very inexpensive. It is not unusual to see people you don't normally expect to have a phone, carrying one here.

There are no land lines in the places we are going so having a cell phone is the one to "connect". Phone companies know this and almost give the phones away. It is actually possible to have a phone, with a SIM card but have no cell phone plan. With this you can take unlimited incoming calls. The phone companies know that eventually, someone has to pay to send a call.

I asked little children to identify my iPhone. None of them seemed to recognize it as an iPhone but they all could tell me it was a cell phone. All that to say, that the cell phone is ubiquitous and here is a late video submission from Day One in Las Trojes!

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