Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Three: On Palencia

From Ken Dick, President, FTC Canada

It’s our third clinic day and we are now in the town of Palencia. We are not surprised at the numbers of people that we see in line, but we were a bit worried. In El Patrocinio, our arrival was met by a mere dozen people. People did continue to arrive and within the hour the line had grown to 150 patients. And they kept coming. At the end of the day nearly 1000 patients had been treated, nearly 150 being dental patients.

I am reminded of the school FTC Canada built in the region of Palencia two years ago. Mayor Beto is very pleased that we have returned with our medical and dental professionals.

We were greeted warmly by the community here and went to work as soon as we could in the morning. There are several new people on the team but that has not been a problem in any way. In fact on this our third day working together, there is a strong spirit of camaraderie. We are working together with the common goal of providing the most excellent primary medical and dental care we can.

Our blog will report on today’s activities. As I write this, I know it will tell you about the hundreds of happy people in Palencia who visited our clinic, received treatment and left with food, clothing and medicines. We are so grateful for the opporunity to be here.


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