Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Three: Meet The Mayor

Day Three: Palencia

Today we all met the Mayor. Mayor Beto is the the mayor of Palencia, and a key political figure among mayoral leadership in Guatemala.

FTC Canada President Ken Dick, met Mayor Beto several years ago. At the time, a relationship was forged as the mayor put up seed money for a new school and Ken agreed to support the project. The school was eventually constructed (in a remote area of the region) and Ken was joyfully welcomed back by all the young students in a beautiful ceremony featuring generous portions of red and white.

In the city centre of Palencia is a large school complex where we set up the clinic. With this type of easy access, it was no surprise to see a line-up. This line would persist throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

Dr. Channy Muhn
While we are in the process of introductions, let me also introduce you to the two doctors I am following as part of the development of a mini documentary. Dr. Channy Muhn, is a veteran – as it turns out being a veteran only means you need to have been on more than one team. Dr. Muhn is a dermatologist; a skin specialist extraordinaire.

Dr. Muhn is a funny guy. His light-hearted approach to his work brings smiles to colleagues and puts his patients very much at ease. While each doctor on the team is charged with providing primary care Dr. Muhn is constantly consulted for his expertise in skin diseases. Dr. Muhn is also an excellent teacher. He expects his peers to listen and learn, and because he is so clear they can easily understand his explanations. The result is a growing team of skin specialists!

Dr. Sasha High is an FTC Canada Medical Team rookie. She is a third year resident at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto and soon to be Chief Resident in her fourth year. When you first meet Dr. Sasha, you may feel an immediate sense of peace. She is clearly a rare spirit, and blessed with many gifts.

If I were a patient, with my head bowed low, carrying a burden of poor health and I looked up to see Dr. Sasha here’s what I think I would feel. I think I would feel like I was in the presence of an angel. I would feel immediately at peace. I would feel like this doctor was going to be genuinely interested in my concerns and not just my health concerns.

These two doctors are remarkable people. This whole team is remarkable and I can’t help but get a bit teary, even now, as I consider the good work they are so invested in here: heart, mind and soul.

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