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January 28, 2010

Aquadeco Natural Spring Water and Unisync Group donate to Haiti relief. 

As a part of FTC Canada’s Haiti relief efforts, Aquadeco Natural Spring Water has generously donated over 65,000 bottles of water and Unisync Group has donated 12 skids of clothing to the children and families devastated by the recent earthquake.

Cliff Cline, COO says “There is an immediate and ongoing need for water and clothing in Haiti and we are extremely thankful to have a partners like Aquadeco and Unisync Group supporting our ongoing relief efforts.”

FTC Canada's emergency medical team returned home on January 27th after 7 days in Port-au-Prince.  FTC is now procuring supplies to send over on containers to Haiti.  Shipments are scheduled to leave next month.


January 28, 2010

The devastation in Haiti has impacted all of us in many different ways. The professionals at Milton Orthotic and Wellness Centre, in conjunction with Burlington Orthotic Centre and Mississauga Orthotic Centre have come together with FTC Canada to start a gently used shoe and bracing drive. Please bring your gently used footwear or bracing supplies to either of the three clinics and FTC Canada will ensure they reach needy Haitians in the coming months.  905-864-0555  905-331-4391
Mississauga Orthotic Centre: 905-696-8244

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Port Perry, ON

Church of the Ascension, Port Perry, along with local residents, are joining together on Sat. Jan. 30 for a “FUNd Run For Haiti”, a two or five kilometer "run, walk or crawl" to raise funds for FTC Canada’s Haiti Earthquake Relief.

FTC Canada, a relief and development organization active in Haiti prior to the devastating earthquake, is present there now distributing emergency rations, shelter and providing medical care.

Two local Port Perry doctors, along with 11 paramedics, arrived in Haiti on January 20th. Dr. Tony Brown, Medical Advisor for FTC Canada, and Dr. Paul Puckrin, have joined the agency’s team on the ground to help deliver medical care at a hospital in the heart of Port-au-Prince.

”We knew that we wanted to do something for the people of Haiti. A “FUNd Run” felt like a positive and practical way to raise some much needed money for their cause. It's easy to feel helpless watching all the news footage, but we can use our communal strength to work together and show our support.  It's so great to know that through this FUNd run our community will be helping the people of Haiti and supporting the work of FTC and our local Doctors who are there right now,” says Angela Connolly, one of the run organizers.

Organizers encourage all to participate.  “The course can be completed by running, walking, with strollers and pets or even cross-country skiing. Bring your family. Bring your grandparents. Just get involved,” stresses Connolly. To enter the run organizers are accepting pledge sheet and credit card donations, both of which can be found on the website

The run begins at 10:00 am at Community Living Durham North in Port Perry, Ontario (16025 Old Simcoe Road, corner of Reach and Old Simcoe) Registration is open after 9am. Food and beverages will be available for a donation.

To register visit


January 26, 2010 - Guelph, Ontario

AMJ Campbell becomes official mover of Guelph based not for profit FTC Canada.

Canada’s largest moving company AMJ Campbell is partnering with international and domestic relief organization FTC Canada, as the official mover of donated food and supplies for the organization.

FTC Canada operates a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse where donations of food and supplies are procured and distributed across Canada to children and families through front line inner city agencies.  As well, the organization sends containers to Feed The Children run feeding programs in Africa and Central America.  In 2009, FTC Canada procured and distributed $11.8 million in food and supplies around the world.

In order for these donations to be procured and distributed FTC Canada raises funds to cover the costs of transportation.  To help address the organizations needs, AMJ will be moving donations at a discounted price as well as donating back 5% of what FTC Canada spends with the company.

We are thankful to have a well respected and successful company like AMJ Campbell partnering with us” says Cliff Cline, Chief Operating Officer of FTC Canada. “We are passionate about re-purposing our donations to those in need, and handling everything with logistical excellence is a non-negotiable. AMJ is a strong partner in helping us stem hunger! ”.

Denis Cordick, VP of Marketing for AMJ Campbell, “AMJ is about providing people with piece of mind and we are proud to be able to guarantee that to FTC Canada as they work to really help children and families across the country in need.”

AMJ Campbell Website


A letter to the editor posted at the website (Jan 25, 2010) extends a word of thanks to the medical personnel that made the trip to Haiti.

CLICK HERE to read the letter

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Updated Jan 26, 2010
The doctors and paramedics from FTC Canada are on-board a Canadian Air Force Hercules from Haiti today, to make the return trip to Canada.

The flight is expected to arrive at Pierre Trudeau Airport between 5:00 and 8:00 pm this evening (Jan 26).

The team is wrapping up a short but highly effective emergency medical trip that took them right into the midst of the earthquake aftermath.

Medical teams continue to arrive in Haiti two weeks after a 7.0 magnitude quake devastated Haiti. The outpouring of aid continues from around the globe.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Updated Jan 26, 2010
There is a public facebook page for the Halton Paramedics in Haiti. Be sure to check it out as there are about 70 photos to look through including shots of the team and the city of Port-au-Prince.

Dr. Cheryl van der Mark from Mission of Hope is featured in The Hamilton Spectator

CLICK HERE to read article

CLICK HERE to read an article about Laurens van der Mark, Mission of Hope, Haiti

Friday, January 22, 2010


January 21, 2010

In support of FTC Canada’s Haiti relief efforts, Apotex Inc. generously donated thousands of antibiotics and analgesics which flew on board with our emergency response medical team.

FTC Canada was one of three relief organizations who received help in the form of medicines from Apotex. The Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company donated close to $2 million dollars worth of their products which will help save lives.

"Our employees and management wanted to help, and it was the right thing to do. We have a tradition of providing assistance around the globe when disasters occur." stated Mr. Jack Kay, President & COO of Apotex Inc.

FTC Canada’s emergency response medical team arrived in Port-au-Prince on January 20th and have already begun working in the heart of the city. FTC will continue to make efforts to get supplies and funds to Haiti in the days and weeks to come.


Updated Jan 26, 2010
Doctors and paramedics from Ontario continue in recovery efforts at Haiti's largest hospital . CTV's Paul Workman spoke to Dr. Paul Puckrin in the "garden" yesterday, because the hospital simply isn't big enough and the needs of injured Haitians simply overwhelming.

This segment aired on CTV National News and it is graphic in nature. However, the plight of those with limbs crushed by falling buildings is simply a reality and will be seen all over the area affected by the earthquake.

The Canadian team members conducting pre-op and post-op are apparently part of a process that is on either end of medivac flights to the deck of a U.S. Navy hospital off the coast of Haiti (See this CNN Report to learn more).

The other video segment from Haiti is journalist Paul Workman on Canada AM (Jan 22, 2010). He is seeing and experiencing much of what our team will experience so it might prove helpful for those of you wondering "what it's like".

CLICK HERE to view the video with Paul Workman interviewing Dr. Paul Puckrin

CLICK HERE to see CTV's Paul Workman reflecting on Haiti, not long after meeting the team from Ontario

CLICK HERE to listen to FTC Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Brown on CBC Radio

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Updated Jan 22, 2010
As news comes out of Haiti it can leave a person with feelings of both hope and despair. New aid has trickled through a badly damaged port and plans for a makeshift airstrip are unfolding in Jacmel.

Unfortunately many medical teams are experiencing frustration as they run short of the type of aid that would help them most. Today, however, more medical professionals arrived from FTC Canada and that was extremely good news for others working feverishly on the ground.

Our doctors and paramedics were working shoulder to shoulder with medical personnel from all over the globe. And together they were seeing people who not had any medical aid and were desperately in need of care.

Part of "Team Canada" was doing pre-op and post surgical care while others worked with paramedic Grant Rumford to transport patients via ambulance to places where they could get proper treatment.

Grant is the paramedic from Halton Region that is stationed, along with his family for the next year at the Mission of Hope, FTC Canada's base camp in Haiti.

At least two aftershocks were felt west of Port-au-Prince but the team did not indicate that these affected their efforts in the nations capital.

CLICK HERE to read the Guelph Tribune story on the departure of the FTC Canada Medical Team to Haiti
CLICK HERE for photo gallery from Guelph Tribune


FTC Canada has put out a request to the trucking industry in their mission to provide food and medication to Haiti.

FTC relies on the trucking industry to move food all over Canada but the challenge here is very specific.

“We’re trying to launch in the trucking community an initiative to get supplies, food and goods in order to ship the containers in the next couple of weeks,” Ryan Fletcher, the Canadian representative for FTCC said. “It will take awhile to get there, but obviously the earthquake will have an effect for years.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article in Today's Trucking


Updated Jan 21, 2010
The FTC Canada team of doctors and paramedics have been deployed into the city of Port-au-Prince. They have traveled as a team to a hospital in the heart of the quake ravaged city. Grant Rumford reported to CTV that they would be most likely be "embedded" in Carrefour, the epicentre of the 7.0 earthquake.

Remarkably, survivors are still being pulled alive from the rubble. Victims of the quake are reportedly desperate for medical care which can not come soon enough.

We are hopeful that our team will bring a sense of hope and relief to emergency personal already weary from endless days of working with survivors.

We expect more news to come from Medical Team Advisor, Dr. Anthony Brown later today or this evening.

CTV's Canada AM continues to check in with paramedic Grant Rumford from his location near Port-au-Prince. The Mission of Hope site is FTC Canada's base camp while in Haiti.

CLICK HERE to see the video

Durham region reports on help to Haiti including work of FTC Medical Advisor, Dr. Brown

CLICK HERE to read story

CTV reports on the teams arrival in Haiti and interview paramedic Grant Rumford

CLICK HERE to see video (Mac users with Flip4Mac may still experience problems viewing)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Arriving just after yet another earthquake, a strong magnitude 6.1 aftershock, the FTC Canada medical team is safe and sound in Haiti.

As the article from the Hamilton Spectator below points out, nothing has prepared this group for the devastation they will find in Haiti.

The team is preparing to deploy alongside other doctors and emergency personnel from the U.S. and Mission of Hope. Some teams will head towards Port-au-Prince to strengthen the life-saving and sustaining efforts at specific locations.

CLICK HERE to read about the team leaving Guelph including the names of those on the team

CTV News reports on the departure of the flight from Montreal
CLICK HERE to read the story or CLICK HERE to see video


KOM Networks’ Junk-A-Juke program responds to the needs of Canadian children and Haitian Relief efforts through FTC Canada

Ottawa, Canada – January 20, 2010 – On the heels of announcing its Junk-A-Juke program, KOM Networks™, world leading provider of storage management solutions for secure archiving compliant data protection and retention, today announces the expansion of its Junk-A-Juke program to benefit many of the 900,000 Canadian children being helped by FTC Canada, an affiliate of Feed The Children U.S.

This unique program collects and recycles obsolete and legacy storage equipment and donates the money generated to provide food, shelter, medicine and other necessities to little ones and their families. In exchange for the older equipment, KOM offers a new Dell Powered KOMpliance Archive with equal capacity and superior performance, a fully compliant enterprise class server and archive solution free-of-charge with a three year maintenance agreement. KOM’s goal is to collect and recycle enough hardware to feed one million children!

FTC Canada has responded by landing this morning at 8 am a medical emergency response team of 3 doctors and 11 paramedics in Port au Prince. They have with them much needed medicines and supplies to continue to save lives right in the heart of the devastation. Over the coming weeks and months FTC will continue to send teams, supplies and food to provide relief to Haiti. For the next 90 days, all proceeds from equipment collected and recycled as part of the Junk-A-Juke program will be donated to FTC Canada to assist them with their Haitian relief efforts. “Even though you may not be able to do something directly to help the earthquake victims, you can still help in kind to those who can,” says Ken Dick, president FTC Canada.

“We’re proud to include FTC Canada in our recycling for charity program and provide assistance to children in our own backyard,” says Kamel Shaath, CTO at KOM Networks. “The recent images of devastation and chaos are heartfelt and very moving. We feel strongly that we have to do something and help. We are pleased to join the FTC Canada Haiti Relief efforts. We have already collected multiple end-of-life optical jukeboxes and other data storage devices and anticipate many more of our business partners will contribute, knowing that they are helping kids and making a difference.”

For more information about the Junk-A-Juke program and how you can join us to make a big difference for someone small, contact us at 1-800-668-1777,, or visit our website

About KOM Networks

KOM Networks is the world leading provider of flexible, secure data archiving and storage management software. Over 10,000 of the world’s leading corporations have recognized KOM Networks as the most logical, unobtrusive and secure way to store, access and protect their data. KOM is enabling enterprises large and small a cost effective way to improve productivity and meet compliance requirements without altering their network infrastructure or daily business routines. The industry pioneer holds vital industry patents for electronic file lifecycle management, virtual file management and eWORM fixed content hard disk archiving. For additional information about KOM Networks, please visit

Press Contact

Michael Becce

MRB Public Relations



We had word back from President Ken Dick this morning that the medical team has arrived safely on the ground in Haiti. Please check back to the blog regularly as we will be post more updates.

Team members waiting at Pierre Trudeau Airport in Montreal around 1AM on Jan 20, 2010.
Air Transat the airline that provided the flight to Haiti posted a press release.

CLICK HERE to read the press release

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Updated Jan 20, 2010
In a whirlwind of activity including phone calls to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) FTC Canada has been able to assemble a team of doctors and paramedics and secure a flight to Haiti.

The team will include 11 paramedics, mostly from Halton region and 3 doctors. The lead doctor and FTC Canada Medical Team Advisor is Dr. Tony Brown, a physician and anesthetist from Port Perry ON. Tony has led numerous FTC teams to Central America and participated in others around the globe.

Taking the team to Haiti will be FTC Canada President Ken Dick. A pastor from the Meeting House Oakville site will also work alongside the team.

The team will depart from the FTC Canada Head Office in Guelph and head directly to Montreal at 1:00 p.m. today (Jan 19). A flight that was originally scheduled for 6:30 a.m. Jan 20 but will now depart Pierre Trudeau Airport at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Many unexpected things happened as the team prepared to leave including a donation of Starbucks Coffee (Gordon Rd. Guelph) and an upgrade to a full coach from Ayr Coach Lines (Waterloo).

Forestview Church also provided a boost to the Haiti relief effort over the weekend with a generous gift of $10,000. See the CTV news clip below.

The destination for the team will be a base camp set up at the Mission of Hope in Haiti about 30kms from Port-au-Prince.

570 News reported on the departure of the team.
CLICK HERE to see the story

newsdurhamregion@com ran a feature story on Dr. Anthony Brown as he prepared to leave for Haiti.
CLICK HERE to see the story

The Hamilton Spectator featured the Halton paramedics as they prepared for Haiti.
CLICK HERE to read story

CTV Toronto reports on the gift from Forestview Church and preparations by the paramedics from Halton region.
CLICK HERE to see video

Monday, January 18, 2010


Updated Jan 20, 2010
The Hamilton Spectator reports again on the Rumford family stationed at FTC Canada's partner NGO, Mission of Hope Haiti (MOH).

The clinic that paramedic Grant Rumford works in had to be closed at one point as the need became overwhelming and staff needed to regroup.

Sandy Rumford reported in an email that there was significant devastation all around them. Both Sandy and Grant have been involved with FTC Canada, Sandy as a part of the administrative team and Grant offering primary care on medical teams to Central America.

FTC Canada supports sponsorships through MOH and is the Canadian partner for the missions ongoing work to the people of Haiti. FTC Canada is sending down a medical team to MOH.

CLICK HERE to read The Spec article.

Canada AM runs a second intervew with paramedic Grant Rumford

CLICK HERE to view video


Danielle Wong of the Hamilton Spectator reported (JAN 14, 2010) on advanced-care paramedic Grant Rumford and his family stationed at the Mission of Hope 30 minutes outside Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Grant and Sandy's daughter Michelle is shown in this photo (red bandana) shortly after the quake bringing comfort to a wounded Haitian.

FTC Canada President Ken Dick is hoping to fly down to Haiti to see his daughter Sandy and family in the next few days.

CLICK HERE to read more.


The Burlington Post reported on Halton paramedic Grant Rumford (shown in photo right) and his family who are currently stationed at the Mission of Hope in Haiti (JAN 15, 2010).

FTC Canada is attempting to mobilize a team of doctors and paramedics to head to Haiti to assist Grant and others at the hospital.

CLICK HERE to read the article.


Eleven (11) doctors and paramedics are attempting to make arrangements to fly to Haiti. The team formed quickly in the wake of the news of the devastating earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince nearly a week ago.

Getting flights and making arrangements for sending the team with much needed medical supplies keeps the team grounded here in Canada. We hope to have several flying out by as early as tomorrow with the rest following by the weekend or sooner.

Team members come from medical teams that have been a part of trips to Central America led by FTC Canada Medical Advisor Dr. Tony Brown. They also come through paramedic relationships with Ontario paramedic Grant Rumford who is currently stationed in Haiti and working day and night at the Mission of Hope Hospital. This will be the base camp for the medical team when it lands.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Grant Rumford has been a part of several FTC Canada Medical-Dental Teams to Central America and is now serving, along with his family at the Mission of Hope in Haiti (approx. 40 minutes from Port-au-Prince).

Grant is featured in this clip on CTV's Canada AM:


Just added ~ CTV National News clip featuring Sandy Rumford:


News story from the Oakville Beaver:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


CTV News is reporting from the Mission of Hope (MOH) in Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake that rocked that nations capital.

Paramedic Grant Rumford has served on several FTC Canada Medical-Dental Teams and recently moved to the mission in Haiti along with his wife Sandy and 4 children.

Rumfords presence is absolutely critical at a time so many require emergency aid.

FTC Canada partners with MOH providing food and supplies and sponsoring children.

CTV News Story

Devestating Earthquake Hits Haiti

January 13, 2010 – Earthquake in Haiti. A massive earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale has struck the country of Haiti causing widespread panic; many injuries, deaths and the collapse of buildings have been the result throughout the capital of Port-au-Prince.

FTC Canada is responding to this disaster through our medical clinics as we are taking in patients and distributing food.

Please help our efforts and the people of Haiti by donating on our website at

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