Friday, January 22, 2010


Updated Jan 26, 2010
Doctors and paramedics from Ontario continue in recovery efforts at Haiti's largest hospital . CTV's Paul Workman spoke to Dr. Paul Puckrin in the "garden" yesterday, because the hospital simply isn't big enough and the needs of injured Haitians simply overwhelming.

This segment aired on CTV National News and it is graphic in nature. However, the plight of those with limbs crushed by falling buildings is simply a reality and will be seen all over the area affected by the earthquake.

The Canadian team members conducting pre-op and post-op are apparently part of a process that is on either end of medivac flights to the deck of a U.S. Navy hospital off the coast of Haiti (See this CNN Report to learn more).

The other video segment from Haiti is journalist Paul Workman on Canada AM (Jan 22, 2010). He is seeing and experiencing much of what our team will experience so it might prove helpful for those of you wondering "what it's like".

CLICK HERE to view the video with Paul Workman interviewing Dr. Paul Puckrin

CLICK HERE to see CTV's Paul Workman reflecting on Haiti, not long after meeting the team from Ontario

CLICK HERE to listen to FTC Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Brown on CBC Radio

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