Thursday, January 21, 2010


Updated Jan 22, 2010
As news comes out of Haiti it can leave a person with feelings of both hope and despair. New aid has trickled through a badly damaged port and plans for a makeshift airstrip are unfolding in Jacmel.

Unfortunately many medical teams are experiencing frustration as they run short of the type of aid that would help them most. Today, however, more medical professionals arrived from FTC Canada and that was extremely good news for others working feverishly on the ground.

Our doctors and paramedics were working shoulder to shoulder with medical personnel from all over the globe. And together they were seeing people who not had any medical aid and were desperately in need of care.

Part of "Team Canada" was doing pre-op and post surgical care while others worked with paramedic Grant Rumford to transport patients via ambulance to places where they could get proper treatment.

Grant is the paramedic from Halton Region that is stationed, along with his family for the next year at the Mission of Hope, FTC Canada's base camp in Haiti.

At least two aftershocks were felt west of Port-au-Prince but the team did not indicate that these affected their efforts in the nations capital.

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