Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Broken Walls" come to MISHKEEGOGAMANG

“Broken Walls” arrived with a big truckload of equipment ready to be introduced to our friends in Mish. We welcomed them with a community BBQ and introduced them to everyone present.

Jonathan Maracle and Bill Pagaran led seminars at the Peg Youth Conference from July 20-23rd. Kris Delorenzi, another member of the group, joined them as they performed twice for the community. It was wonderful to have Barry, Luane and Joelle Greene also join us for the three days. Their regalia and dance was a magnificent example of the beauty of the native culture that is missing in so many communities.

The most exciting part for us occurred when the concert ended and members of the community joined the boys on the pow wow drum for a time of drumming and singing. It was wonderful to sit and listen to their hearts as they expressed joy to their Creator.

Sky Hedricks from Eagles Cry in Thunder Bay also joined the team. It was very moving to hear the story of his life’s journey. It was inspiring to the whole Mish camp staff team to watch Sky make the kids feel special.

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