Friday, February 15, 2008

School & Well Dedications Next Week

The children living in Bejucalito are becoming very excited as daily they see more of their school. Just imagine the value these children, (who have watched the construction) will place on education – real walls, a library, and several blackboards provided by caring Canadians, will be the beginning of opportunities that will change their lives forever. Next week FTC’s President, Ken Dick, will travel up the mountain to officially dedicate the new school at its official opening. With the arrival of every new photo, Ken’s excitement has been visible to all of the FTC staff, who know that their leader has an incredibly big heart when it comes to changing a child’s life. It is his passion for this work that encourages each of us to press on in our efforts to help children.

In a nearby village, many will gather around the well that is also being dedicated next week – people thrilled to have potable water near their homes. Once the well is operational, the city of Palencia has promised to run the pipes directly into the community. In the western world, we don’t think about not having water in our homes. This is a huge blessing for these humble families who appreciate this gift more than we will ever know.

On February 23rd, FTC’s medical team will fly to Guatemala and with every communication we can “feel” their excitement. The dental equipment shipped from Canada has arrived, and our team in Guatemala is busy with the pre-trip groundwork. They are packaging the rice, beans, cereal and coffee that will be distributed to each family visiting the medical clinics. In addition, each child will receive a new piece of clothing and a small toy – all tangible items that will bless these Guatemalans with hope and show them that someone cares.

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