Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jacaranda Latrines

Connecting Countries: Adopt-A-School Project

When we send our children to school here in North America we have certain expectations. One simple fact of life we tend to take for granted is that our schools will have clean and functioning washroom facilities. So what if they didn’t? This is actually the case in many places around the globe.

FTC Canada partners with Connecting Countries and our goal has been to select certain schools in Kenya to ensure they have good quality washrooms facilities. The Jacaranda latrines were built through the summer of 2009 and the project was overseen by Feed The Children Kenya (FTC-K). A registered local contractor from carried out the construction work. The project included the following:

  • Two sets of three latrines for girls,
  • One set of three latrines for boys
  • One urinal for boys

Total cost for the installation was $6,150 (CAD). FTC-K officially presented the latrines to the Jacaranda School on October 16, 2009 in a short ceremony attended by the contractor and his crew, the school head teacher and the students.

Jacaranda’s head teacher voiced his gratitude to the Board of Directors at Connecting Countries:Adopt-A-School for their generosity, having provided the much needed sanitary facilities. Thanks was also extended to FTC-K and the contractor for a job well done.
In one voice the entire student population thanked their benefactors also offered thanks.

FTC-Canada is grateful for the partnership of FTC-K in completing this the second phase of the Adopt-A-School project. Three remaining schools slated for project development are Equator, Kibathi and Uiguano.

Equator School is the neediest in terms of sanitary standards. Public health authorities have threatened the school with closure. Plans are underway to address the needs at the Equator School; this is a priority.

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