Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Vancouver speaker and author Grace Fox is helping to promote what she describes as an "innovative project".

Grace Fox is promoting the Feminine Dignity Kit (FDK) at her speaking engagements in North America. 

Speaking directly to the plight of women around the world, Grace seeks to provide listeners with resources so they can explore ways to get involved.  This is a very practical way to make a difference.

An FDK means a girl can attend school because they have the following:
~ feminine hygenine supplies
~ soap
~ toothpaste and toothbrush
~ combs
~ hair picks
The FDK is wrapped with a beautiful scarf and shipped in a box

Some young girls in Africa and Central America can miss almost 25% of a school year because they can't afford proper hygiene products. For just $9 anyone can help a young girl complete high school!

Grace has a passion is to help women become daring in their faith, deep in their convictions, and devoted in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Grace uses the written page and the public stage to build Christ-based confidence in audiences worldwide.

Please visit to learn more and visit to see where Grace will be speaking.

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phyllispcm said...

We are already involved in clean water projects and evangelism there. I know that because of chores and the difficulties she faces during puberty, many girls drop out of school. Statistics show that if you give a girl clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, she will stay in school longer. If she stays in school at least two years longer, she will marry four years later and have fewer children. Her children's future will be brighter, and the blessing ripples through her village. All because you see her as a worthwile person, and care enough to lighten her burden and give her a little dignity.
Our nonprofit, Sure Foundation Ministry, is very much interested in starting a dignity kit project for rural southern Malawi.