Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Reports from the community of Mishkeegogamang, ON (Mish) indicate that the first 50 beds are assembled and that by all accounts, “It's been a great experience.”

Karen Ward, FTC Canada First Nations Programs, reported that her team of young adults, most from the Mish Adventure Summer Program, have had a truly amazing time helping assemble beds and seeing the immediate impact it is having.

Parents are appreciative, perhaps overwhelmed by the generosity of the gift of bunk beds.  One young person commented, “Lots of people come up to Mish - but I've never seen anyone do anything like you are doing - giving us beds to make sure the kids have a place to sleep.” He said it's such a blessing for his people.

You can be a part of this work in the far North.  Your gift will go immediately to helping ensure children are not sleeping on a cold floor this winter. Click here to go to the Bunk Bed donation page or click the button below to make your donation immediately.

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