Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FTC Canada, with Christian love, compassion and integrity, responds to the needs of Canadian First Nations children and their families. We assist by providing food and supplies, home improvements, children’s programs, and youth life skills training, with a view to creating for them, a positive and more meaningful future.

Providing Food & Supplies…
FTC procures food and other essential supplies to be shipped to First Nations communities. FTC Canada works in collaboration with partner organizations in Sioux Lookout, Ontario that provide warehousing, workers, air transport, and important community connections so that FTC can reach the most families.

Operating children’s & youth programs …
Because of the many hardships facing children and youth living in northern Ontario's remote First Nations Communities, FTC Canada provides structured summer day camp programs. By training and mentoring the youth to serve in their own communities, FTC is helping them develop important life skills for their future.

Opportunities to become involved...

  • Send one child to summer day camp for 5 days - $150
  • Send one staff member to camp - $500
  • Purchase one week of camp supplies - $750
  • Fly 1000 lbs.of food to one reserve from Sioux Lookout - $1,000
  • Ship one truckload of food to Sioux Lookout from Southern Ontario - $3,000

Join our Camp Team...
FTC Canada is looking for summer camp staff -Download Camp Staff Application

For more information contact:
Karen Ward
First Nations Program Coordinator
1-877-382-2262 ext. 232

Please mail financial donations to:
FTC Canada
P.O. Box 30
Guelph, ON N1H 6J6

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