Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Well & School for Communities in Guatemala

In the western world, we often take for granted what children and families in developing countries simply do not have access to. Poor sanitation and contaminated water contribute to illness, infection, and even death. It is also a sad fact that many communities do not have schools, so most of the children do not receive an education. The children pictured below are forced to walk 4 kilometers over the mountains to get to a school and so most of the younger children cannot make the trip.

Each year during their medical team trip, FTC Canada embraces additional projects in direct response to the community needs in that area. Last year in Honduras, 25 latrines were constructed, and a well was installed in a community where more than 400 families enjoy fresh water today.

In Guatemala, FTC is currently installing another well that will benefit more than 1,500 people living in a rural community. A little further up the mountain, the children in the community of Bejucalito, are receiving a school of their own. The ground has been cleared and construction has begun.

A dedication ceremony is planned for both projects on Friday February 22, 2008.FTC Canada’s President Ken Dick will be in attendance.

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