Friday, July 9, 2010


An eager and terrific team of volunteers, some from An Eagle's Cry Centre (our host) and some from the FTC Canada Mish Adventure Camp Staff had the entire food box distribution ready to go a day before the actual event!

This included 350 family food boxes (approx. 22lbs each) and 350 hygiene boxes (personal essentials), food and cold drinks provided by the Centre, and games and crafts for the children. There turned out to be an added couple of bonuses for families picking up their boxes. Some families attending had no idea the Centre was open for them throughout the year. Families with small children were also able to help themselves to plenty of children's clothing.

Sky and Angie Hedricks, founders of the Centre were on hand to manage the intake process and to speak with families about the centre and its various programs. Each family had received a voucher which they exchanged for the boxes.

Families were genuinely appreciative of the support and excited to get this type of assistance when sometimes they were running short on food and supplies. Thunder Bay has an improving employment situation but many people are still living in low-income situations.

Our hope is that families in Thunder Bay will remember the generosity of An Eagles Cry Centre and turn to it whenever they find they are in need.

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