Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Up to 50 children a day arrive at the Mish Adventures home base by bus each day! And they arrive to a host of great activities; from swimming to volleyball and of course, eating food!

The weather in the North has been ideal; never too hot and never too cold!

A youth camp has been added to provide the older youth with activities that don’t include running over or into the smaller children! About 10 to 15 youth have participated and we have enjoyed afternoon canoe trips to explore the islands and games like Capture The Flag!

Swimming lessons are offered and of course we have the lifeguards to run “free swims”. This ensures not only essential skill development but a safe and fun waterfront for the children.

Because swimming is our #1 fun activity we hosted a Beach Day at the community beach half way between our home base and the main reserve. Most of the day was spent in the water of course! We added some volleyball and naturally some food! Lots of hot dogs roasted on an open fire! Of course everyone wants to have another Beach Day!

The staff get their recreation in the evening and the soccer and baseball games inevitably draw in members of the community who want to “hang out” and enjoy some fun with us.

The staff work hard and they share their care and concern for the children freely. Children here notice unconditional love maybe more so than children in other parts of Ontario and it impacts attitudes and is demonstrated in improved behaviour.

This is our last week here and already we are starting to regret the time when we have to pack up and head back to Southern Ontario.

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